Month: January 2019

Real Factory Environment

MIRI TECHNICAL COLLEGE EXPOSE TRAINEES’ TO REAL FACTORY ENVIRONMENT Do you have a difficulty to setup a production line? Not anymore. We trained our students by exposing them to the real factory environment via virtual factory input output software. In Miri Technical College, our students Industrial Automation Engineering (Level 4) can integrated industry implementation by

unprecedented insight into media industry

Creative Multimedia Trainees gain unprecedented insight into media industry organised by MIFTWA on their grand launching recently. The trip gave students chance to experienced valuable technical and creative skills such as directing & producing, cinematography & broadcasting. They learned about a wide variety of aspects of film and media industry. This has also enhanced students

2D animation figures

creative multimedia level 2 trainee’s Practical Class 2D animation figures are created or edited on the computer using 2D bitmap graphics and 2D vector graphics. … Final line advection animation is a technique used in 2D animation, to give artists and animators more influence and control over the final product as everything is done within

Perspective drawing is a technique

Creative Multimedia Level 4 Trainee’s Practical Lab Perspective drawing is a technique use to represent three-dimensional images on a two-dimensional flat surfaces. In our series of lessons on perspective drawing, we explained the various methods of constructing an image with perspective and show how these are used by artists and illustrators. There are two types

MICRO robot for STEM Education.

SG Academy KL has horned to join the launch of RERO:MICRO robot for STEM Education. The Trainers was given knowledge on Cytron’s new product. Using their BBC mirco:bit, the rero:micro can be programmed and its fun to code. A child friendly robot, especially designed for kids to learn coding in a fun & easy manner.

Industrial Automation Engineering Drawing

Mechatronic level 2 trainees Practical: Industrial Automation Engineering Drawing Industrial automation engineering drawing is a process of generating plans that are visually communicated on how industrial automation systems function or has to be constructed. It should be done using accurate information as it is used in the visual communication media of interested parties and in

Mechatronic level 3 trainees Practical

Mechatronic level 3 trainees Practical: Industrial Automation Electrical And Electronic Systems Assembling Industrial automation electrical and electronic system assembling is the process of fixing electrical and electronic component together on to a complete panel to perform a function in accordance with manufacturer specification

Professional Cooking Class

SG Akademi Sarawak’s Professional Cooking Class: Start Your Career As A Professional Chef. Here our students prepares hand made Chinese noodles. At SG Akademi Sarawak, our trainers teach our trainees from scratch because we want them to learn the value of time & resources that it takes to make noodles. Once our trainees master the