Is your Goal a Career in Culinary Arts?

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SG Akademi Sarawak’s Trainees Industrial Training At Ken’s Kitchen.

Is your Goal a Career in Culinary Arts?

The field of culinary arts offers extensive career opportunities in an exciting & challenging profession, since the possibilities are endless & employment opportunities can be obtained all around the globe.

The programs in culinary arts offered by SG Akademi Sarawak, consist of an intensive theory & practical class for the period of few months at the campus in Kota Samarahan & one practical paid industrial training period of 3 months in one of our industry partners.

During the studies, our trainees are being introduced to the wonderful world of food, they learn about the basic food production techniques & understand what are the demands the industry requires from future culinarians. Our trainees learn the basics of cooking & food preparation techniques, the essentials of culinary operations, nutrition, food safety, food costing & many other tasks associated with the field.

Experience is an integral building block in the culinary industry. During the industrial training period, our trainees become familiar with the working environment, common problems, procedures & customer expectations will provide invaluable insight into the industry.

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