The Making of Women Entrepreneur in Food Industry

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The Making of Women Entrepreneur in Food Industry.

Culinary Class organised by Jabatan Wanita & Keluarga Sarawak (JWKS) & conducted by SG Akademi Sarawak.

SG Akademi Sarawak give support to the economic empowerment of women by conducting a culinary class at Wisma Wanita Training Centre, under Jabatan Wanita & Keluarga Sarawak (JWKS).

In collaboration with JWKS, culinary class will usually be held on every Wednesday & Thursday.

Learn how to cook authentic & unique local dishes & a lovely dessert over 2 days session! These are all treasured local dishes whose recipes have been passed down through generations.

A partner of JWKS’s project, SG Akademi Sarawsk is a private skills college that aims to empower women from low – income families by providing them with culinary skills. We are truly excited for this initiative & collaboration which not only provide an empowerment for women from low – income families but also create a platform for them to further hone their talents & skills in cooking.

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