Getting Head Start For Better Future

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Getting Head Start For Better Future

Our students taking on a part – time job while pursuing their diploma is quite tough but the rewards are typically surpassing than the amount of a paycheck. Students who work during their study may have better time management skills than their counterparts. They experience responsibility & apply it to their daily lives. They also will make money that can be used for living.

But money will not be the only thing which they will gain through working. It is also the great opportunities which they can attain with first – hand experiences in the marketplace that can help them prepare themselves for the real working world by learning how to work with & for other people as opposed to confining themselves to the solitary pursuit of studying. They also be able to gain some workplace experience in the field in which they venture into upon their graduation. It will also give them an invaluable head start in their career & they will have the upper hand the moment they graduate due to more experiences that they have compared to their freshly graduated peers.

We would like to thank our industry partner, Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK), for giving our students this opportunity.

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