4 great vocational careers in IT

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A number of vocational careers can be found in numerous fields. Probably one of the most diverse sectors, however, would be IT.

Disruptive innovation and a variety of applications as well as implementation outcomes mean that a promising outlook for the future, as well as opportunities for growth in the workplace, can be found.

IT has a strong connection to diverse commercial as well as industrial interests and is one of the most prominent sectors out there right now.

Due to its nature, careers in IT often require deep technical knowledge and skillsets that can keep companies competitive. If you’re passionate about machinery, software, systems and digitization, consider a vocational education. Learning through hands-on practice can be one of the best ways to inculcate learning that is sustainable.

Here are a few examples of great vocational paths that could help you secure a future in the IT sector.

Computer software development
Essentially, computer systems are like the lifeblood of the IT sector. Fundamental components, as well as vital code and structures, are derived from the development of systems. Being a developer these days involves working with cloud-based capabilities, IoT and a host of other technologies that are playing big roles in various areas. You might consider systems development a sophisticated but dauntingly technical career-path. Fortunately, TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) can help equip students with career-ready skills and increase their employability.

Mechatronics engineering
With regards to IoT, the move towards automation could vastly change things for many industries. It’s looking like 5G will play a part in this and, along with developments in robotics, the capability to make work more seamless and efficient appears to be coming up sooner than we might think.

Mechatronics engineers can also find themselves at the frontlines. It’s a discipline made up of work on both electrical and mechanical systems (including a combination of robotics, electronics, systems and product engineering).

Data science

Data science as a career path is somewhat trending. Look out for this line of work to become increasingly popular. Involving the collection, analysis and application of data for various purposes, data analysis is a vital core part of progress in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Students should prepare themselves for a variety of promising data-driven jobs in the near future.

Information security

In a growingly digitized world, there are plenty of things that can go wrong with regards to security and safety. With vital data being transferred between individuals and organisations, malicious third-parties are just waiting for the opportunity to strike.

Information security (also known as infosec) involves protecting information through the careful mitigation of information risk. This job falls under information risk management, and many large organisations fill positions for information experts that know how to best protect company assets.

If vocational education becomes popular among many students, it may be due to a stronger tie-in with what’s relevant to industries. An increased chance of employability can also arise due to the development of in-demand skill sets and better knowledge of each respective field. IT needs this kind of talent and there are plenty of vocational career paths to choose from in this field.

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