The journey of SG Academy students to withstand skilled competitors in food industries

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Team SG Academy secures silver medal in the Category of traditional Malaysia cuisine and 2 diplomas in poultry chicken category at Melaka culinary challenge

Consecutive achievements by the team SG Academy in Melaka Culinary Challenge
SG Academy not only imparts skills to the students but also gives an opportunity to engage in the greater platform to implement their skills and build confidence to withstand in the competitive job market.
The achievement in the recent culinary challenge in Melaka is the pride of honor to SG Academy as it was based on Traditional Malaysian Cuisine whereby our students showcased the skills on the preservation of our unique culture and tradition through their culinary skills.
Consecutively our talented students were awarded Diplomas in the category of the modern main course based on Poultry chicken. The Culinary Arts in SG Academy is the course which one must not miss if you were to become a great skillful chef desired by the growing food industries.

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