A valuable dive in serving 6600 guests in “Grand Launching Dinner” Kuala Lumpur

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SG Academy F&B students Serving 6600 guests in “Grand Launching Dinner” in collaboration with Mitec, Kuala Lumpur.

Provoking of enthusiastic aura with the successful grand servings by F&B students
It’s a great value for SG Academy KL students to participate in the “Grand Launching Dinner” engaging and cooperating with 1000 staffs of various training agencies experiencing real work field in F&B department for the betterment of their career.
It was one of the biggest events ever attended by our students in search of a day-to-day supply before coming to the real-life industry. Such events are considered to be testimonial ground for our young talents to build their confidence and test their skills for future prospects understanding their career in the chosen field of study.
Congratulations to our students for a successful event and thanks to MITEC for collaboration and opportunities.

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