A New Start For A Better Life

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Recent orientation for 21 new students in Kuching skills college

Welcoming new students to Kuching Skills College with best wishes
Recently Kuching Skills College held an orientation for 21 new students.
Venturing the college life brings much anxiety about making new friends, learning new knowledge, and experiencing a lot of change in lifestyle. We make sure that our orientation will ease the actual transition into college life much by alleviating their nervousness of becoming a college student.

Familiarising the college campus and different programs

The transit to college life
College orientation is a very exciting moment which gives an opportunity for students to know about their college and familiarise with the campus while getting a taste of college. College life seems a bit scary at first, as time passes they virtually adapt to it. There is always a transition in this phase like meeting lifelong friends, building a career, experiencing an independent life, and gaining abundant of exposures.

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