Training Women Leaders In Culinary Entrepreneurship

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Training Women Leaders In Culinary Entrepreneurship

Women Food Entrepreneurship Program organised by Jabatan Wanita & Keluarga Sarawak (JWKS) & conducted by Kuching Skills College.

In Sarawak, growing recognition of the critical importance of women’a role all spheres of development culminated in the creation of Sarawak’s Ministry of Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family & Childhood Development. The ministry is responsible for ensuring the effective implementation & coordination of programmes for welfare, women & families, charting new directions for the advancement of women & strengthening the institution of the family.

By creating this culinary skills program to break through the barriers of the “gastro ceiling”, the goal has been to build women’s operational skills, financial literacy, confidence & networks in the field. Empowering women on a grassroots level to create tangible process is more vital now than ever before; especially given the glacial change in women’s leadership across all arenas, whether political or the boardroom or culinary.

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