Kuching Skills College Support Kuching For Me Cookout Challenge 2019

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Here are two of Kuching Skills College’s trainees, James Lee & Jason Chung, in action during Kuching For Me Cookout Challenge 2019 held at UCSI University Sarawak Campus.

The objective of this competition is for the contestant to come up with highly innovative dish required creativity & versatility with the local ingredients used.

There is no better way for any culinary students to gain more skills & knowledge than through competing in culinary competitions. It gives them a forum to be able to see what their peers are doing, what skill level they’re at, so they should know where & what they should put their focus on to build their own skill set.

And of course competing gives them the impetus to push themselves that little bit further to succeed which in the long run will make them a better students & eventually, a better chef.

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