Month: September 2019

Accelerating The Growth Of Women-Owned Business

Women Food Entrepreneurship Program organized by Jabatan Wanita & Keluarga Sarawak (JWKS), conducted by Kuching Skills College.Today the essential role that women play in creating sustainable economic growth in Sarawak is almost internationally recognized. Sarawak’s productivity & competitiveness rise in tandem with the contributions of women entrepreneurs. To harness this formidable force, Jabatan Wanita &

Gratitude towards women In Security & Safety

Kuching Skills College Salutes Women In Security & SafetySarawak’s Level Women Day celebration this year with the theme ‘Sarawak Women in Security & Safety … in Good Hands” was hosted by Sarawak’s Women & Family Department, under Sarawak’s Ministry of Welfare, Family, Community Wellbeing, Women & Childhood Development.We celebrate this day to recognize contributions made

How secure is your future job?

Sharing of Study Findings!The survey was primarily based on Sarawak’s employment market. Approximately 1,930 (students, employees & employers) responses were received for the past 6 months period.The job market is constantly evolving, as the need for job seekers & employers. The survey has unearthed a whole host of invaluable insights into exactly how this behavior


Technical advancement in the modern eraBy turning an idea into revolution industry 4.0, Miri Technical College has taken an approach to ensure our students Industrial Automation Engineering Systems Support (Level 4) can create impact to surrounding industry implemented by leveraging computing, software, and internet of things (IoT). With Arduino IDE and Arduino C language, programming

Skills in the preservation of cultural heritage!

Preserving Our Cuisine HeritageSarawak is a food lover’s paradise & Sarawakian, in general, enjoy the diverse culinary heritage of its multicultural society. Although divided by belief, culture & creed, Sarawakians are united in their love for our state’s multicultural cuisines.Food makes up a huge intangible part of the culture that defines Sarawak. For centuries, heritage

International ties for betterment!

Visit From British Council Top ExecutiveMr. Hemanathan, one of British Council’s top executive visited Kuching Skills College. The meeting was an expertise – sharing & networking opportunity. Both sides discussed cooperation in many aspects such as English language teaching, cooperative training & cooperative implementation of talents training programs. This session was essential for Kuching Skills

Success of our student is our pride!

Need Skills To Stay Relevant The food & beverage industry is one of the most cutthroat, competitive platform to succeed. In order to be successful, both businesses and employees need to constantly work with extra vigilance, be competitive and hire trained staff e to actively run the relevant service in business. Veronica Caya ak Herry

Getting Rid of Haze!

Distribution of Face Mask to get rid of HazeTo protect our students from the impact of ongoing forest fires in neighboring countries, we distributed masks to our students to minimize the effects of haze which is hazardous to life and impact the learning session.These masks will help to protect our students who are exposed to

JPK Star Rating Audit Visit – Quality Assurance

JPK Star Rating Audit Visit – Quality Assurance Gaining an official star or accreditation from Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK), under Malaysia’s Ministry of Human Resources proves the commitment in giving the potential graduates to compete in job market. Two auditors from Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK) of the Human Resources Government Ministry visited Kuching Skills College