The Essentials of 2D AutoCAD

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The Essentials of 2D AutoCAD

AutoCAD is a general purpose computer aided design (CAD) program to communicate & receive design ideas without ambiguity through basic knowledge & skill of preparing drawing & sketching. It also aims to visualise & standardise a wide range of presentation drawings for different professions; for instance, the architectural & interior design, engineering design, product design & manufacturing, multimedia production. However, the advantage of using CAD has hitherto been increasingly appreciated in decade over traditional manual drafting methods. It produces neater & more accurate drawing & it provides faster rate of production. By selecting a variety of command in CAD program, our students could apply different special drafting techniques. CAD also avoids the time – wasting & errors which possibly occurs in the repetition of drawing works.

AutoCAD has developed very rapidly & play a very big role in the manufacturing industry today. Compatibility is very high allowing AutoCAD drawings can be received most of the other graphics programs and printed with almost any printing device.

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