Transitioning From Food – Eating To Food – Managing

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Transitioning From Food – Eating To Food – Managing

Women Food Entrepreneurship Program organised by Jabatan Wanita & Keluarga Sarawak (JWKS) & conducted by Kuching Skills College.

Life can be challenging for single mothers anywhere in the world, more so for those living in poverty. In Sarawak, single mothers are in their predicament mostly as a result of spousal death, spousal abandonment or divorce. Many face financial challenges & the majority of single mothers that hail from rural areas usually lack specialized job skills, as well as the education required to get proper employment.

Putting together women & food doesn’t evoke an unfamiliar image, however, when women do not excel in the job of food cooking but also in the space of food managing, we realize that women empowerment has taken place & change the life of single mothers & women from low income family all over Sarawak.

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