Filmmaking Industry Exploration Workshop

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Filmmaking Industry Exploration Workshop with Redboy Pictures
We were honored to have REDBOY Film Industry experts to share their artwork with our young talents. The workshop was attended by Creative Multimedia & Computer systems students. They highlighted their visuals emphasizing on professionalizing in film making career. The skill-based talk was also stipulated along with the samples on the screen. Despite the educational session lots of fun activities were included from which the lucky draw session was one exciting phase to win the media gadgets.

REDBOY’s inspiration was based on real historic or trending events as the basis for their film concept, breathing in a twist of thriller, suspense, adventure and a creative screenplay that increases the film plots excitement with high entertainment for the audience.

As the breeze of modern media evolves, the wide area of career opportunities in the media sectors is left vacant. Our Creative Multimedia course is designed as per the skillsets of modern media requirement where you can develop advanced skills for your career.

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