Skills in the preservation of cultural heritage!

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Preserving Our Cuisine Heritage
Sarawak is a food lover’s paradise & Sarawakian, in general, enjoy the diverse culinary heritage of its multicultural society. Although divided by belief, culture & creed, Sarawakians are united in their love for our state’s multicultural cuisines.
Food makes up a huge intangible part of the culture that defines Sarawak. For centuries, heritage & traditional cuisines have been passed down from generations to generations, forming our identity. Too bad some of the traditional already become extinct.
In preserving & documenting some of Sarawak’s traditional food, Kuching Skills College (KSC) will work closely with Pustaka Negeri where KSC’s trainers will prepare some of Sarawak’s rare traditional food from the various ethnic group while Pustaka Negeri will document it in their archives through video & books.
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