Closing Ceremony of Sarawakiana Carnival 2019

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Kuching Skills College is honored to be part of Sarawakiana Carnival 2019 where we were given a task to demonstrate and compile important information regarding some of Sarawak’s rare ethnic food.
It is an indisputable fact that no society can exist without culture and it is important to know that culture is the way of life in society. Therefore, in every society, no matter its size or population must exist with certain cultural values & norms.
A society without culture may look like a ship without a compass. We need to maintain our cultural values and respect the ways of life left by our forefathers.
Culture plays a vital role in every society as it helps retain the historical memory overages. As the Malay saying, “Biar mati anak, jangan mati adat” tells us how relevant culture is to a society.

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