Our talents emerged in MTDC Business Challenge!

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We are on the brink of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4). Of course, with a great opportunity, come great challenges. Miri Technical College has been selected to join MTDC Business Challenge 2019 with five days of intensive boot camp in Sunway Putra Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.
Our students Davison Anak Akin, Edalinalind Anak Tuan, and Aiman Haq Suan Bin Mohd Khairul Anwar were proposing IR4.0 innovation for poultry industries.

IoT Egg Incubator

“IoT Egg Incubator” is the name of their innovation project that allows the poultry industry to control and monitor their egg incubator more closely by using the internet.
With this project, it can make the duties of poultry industries easier. Using microcontroller combined with temperature, humidity and light sensors, reed switch, webcams, stepper motors, and relays to control and monitoring systems which can be accessed through the website anytime and anywhere.
Poultry businessmen also can receive notifications temperature and humidity in egg incubators directly through an internet browser from computers, tablets, smartphones automatically. Indirectly it can reduce losses!
During the Bootcamp, our students have to compete in the first-stage pitching competition. They have to present their inventions to judges. Thus, our students were taught strategies to pitch using the NSAR method.
Thanks a lot to MBC2019 select and give us the opportunity to create a social impact through IR4.0 innovation for SMEs in Malaysia.
Please visit https://diploma.sgacademy.edu.my/ for further details on choosing your career.

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