Cooking A Fiery Cuisine!

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The art of flambeing!
There’s nothing more theatrical than a chef setting your food alight with a burst of flame tableside during dinner. Flambeing provides a dramatic effect – hypnotic flames skipping across meringue or spreading over caramelized bananas in a sweet sauce. This impressive cooking technique imparts a subtle flavor that compliments desserts & savory sauces.
Our students develop a strong understanding of the abilities they own in the classroom and kitchen to transfer to professional kitchens across the globe. Be it the physical precision to make high-quality dishes or the mental solution to lead a team and personally perform in a high-pressure environment.
Here we teach our students the art of flambeing. The word “flambe” is derived from the French word for flame and originated in the 14th century but only gained prominence by the late 19th century. The process of flambeing lasts less than a minute. But if done correctly, the drama and the delicious result will linger on the palate creating a delicious memory.
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