Diversity In Food Culture & Future Employment

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Xin Chào: Exposure Towards Diversity In Food Culture & Future Employment

Food functions as a universal language, illustrating the history & culture of the place it represents while opening minds, raising awareness & encouraging diversity.
In our quest to expose our students to a more diverse food culture & also more employment opportunity, Kuching Skills College has signed MoU with the latest food outlet offering authentic Vietnamese dishes in Kuching, Pho Master Vietnamese Restaurant. For quality food, exceptional prices, clean & superb atmosphere, Pho Master is second to none.
This is Kuching Skills College’s 52nd memorandum of understanding with the industries for the mutual benefit & development of both parties. We believe that the MoU signed all our industry partners will benefit our students through an internship, enhancing their skills & knowledge but most important of all, leading them to diverse opportunities in future employment.

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