Cake Enthusiast to Pursue their Hobby to Businesses

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Cake Decorating Competition
Cake decoration competition is an excellent avenue for people to showcase their talents and decoration flair. Cake Decorating Competition was held in conjunction with Fiesta Satok 3.0 at Sg. Maong Community Hall in Kuching. Fiesta Satok 3.0 organized by the Friendly Neighbourhood Committee (KJM) from various areas of Sungai Maong under the jurisdiction of Kuching North City Hall (DBKU).
Kuching Skills College sent 5 students to participate in the competition. We believe that by joining any competition, our students will test and push themselves to the limit. This is a big part of self – development.

Such an event will create awareness among communities of the importance of preserving moral values and the spirit of neighborliness.
The art of cake decoration is not about baking but rather it’s an art form of the finished cake. This form of art has been around for a long time in Malaysia.
Today, it has become very popular among Malaysian cake enthusiasts who simply pursue cake decoration as a hobby and for business. The competition is a platform for many cake enthusiasts to show off and nurture their creativity.
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