Practical Skills & Breadth of Knowledge

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Kitchen training begins with the basics of cooking, such as how to hold a knife, the various knife cuts & fundamental cooking techniques. Our students will learn to think about cooking holistically & refine their individual skills through preparation, cooking, plating & finishing complete dishes. Practical training in groups also provides our students the opportunities to grow as leaders – coordinating members & delegating tasks in the kitchen. With abundant of practical training, students start their time at Kuching Skills College by acquiring the basic skills of each cuisine.
Here our students cooked Homemade Nasi Impit with Spicy Peanut Sauce & Fried Potato with Sweet Tomato Sauce. An accompaniment for satay, nasi impit is made up of compressed cooked rice. Although nasi impit is usually served with peanut sauce, it can be eaten with various curries & rendang too.
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