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Our trainers with expert skills & knowledge in their specific cuisine guide the students through the great food cultures of the world, including Western, Chinese, Japanese and others. Through the study of world cuisines and their culture, they will acquire high-level practical skills, an intellectual breadth of knowledge and depth of creative strength.
World-class cooking is based on a fundamental understanding of flavor and theory. Our curriculum emphasizes the development of cooking skills as well as expertise in food hygiene, nutrition, costing and cooking theory. Classes conducted in our kitchen and classroom creates a unique learning environment for our students to develop their gastronomical acumen & motivation to succeed.
Here our students make Soon Kueh (Vegetable Dumplings) which is a typical Chinese snack. This snack is very popular among Teochew & Hakka especially the older generation.
The skill in making Soon Kueh lies in the skin as to achieve the soft, chewy & translucent-like sheen. The soft chewy skin blended together with the slightly crunchy vegetables makes it a simply irresistible snack at any time of the day.
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