Launching Ceremony of Jelajah Minda Dua Hala Program

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The Launching Ceremony of Jelajah Minda Dua Hala Program, organized by AKUsahawan Club, Faculty of Economics & Business, UNIMAS at Kuching Skills College: Cultivating Entrepreneurship Mindset Among Kuching Skills College’s Students

As a student at Kuching Skills College, some of them knew that they wanted to be a chef. All they knew was that they loved food & wanted to learn how to cook.
Thank you to AKUshawan Club, under Faculty of Economics & Business, UNIMAS for organizing Jelajah Minda Dua Hala where 19 of the club committee members teach Kuching Skills College’s students how to become an entrepreneur in the food industry.
AKUsahawan Club is a club that provides a unique opportunity to explore & develop the talents of young entrepreneurs in Faculty Economics & Business, UNIMAS. It is a talent pool platform dedicated to illustrating the validity of entrepreneurship as a career choice.

Our students who participate in Jelajah Minda Dua Hala learned some soft skills & participated in teambuilding activities. This program’s ultimate goal was in building the emotional wellness & self-confidence of our students.
While the event teaches our students some soft skills they can utilize in their daily lives, the program also emphasizes an approach to building a business. Another core element of this entrepreneurship program is developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

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