SG Academy Talents Secures 5 Silver Medals in World Chef Championship!

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The proud moment while securing 5 silver medals in different categories in WCC.

World Chef Championship 2019 Agro-Based Product (WCC2019)
World Chef Championship (WCC) is a world-class competition in Malaysia, it is divided into several main categories including pastry, cold display, Chinese dim sun, traditional Malay kuih, hot cooking, and nine other main categories.
The three-day competition held in Setar Kedah (Dec 13- 15, 2019) featured 14 major categories including patisserie, Malay traditional cakes, hot dishes
Japanese, artistic and vegetarian dishes involving participants from Malaysia and Overseas.

Team SG ACADEMY was represented by one Instructor and two Hospitality students in four categories. The team secured five silver medal in the following categories:
Traditional Malay
Asam pedas
Modern category of fish and seafood combination
Modern poultry chicken

These types of competition not only motivates our trainees in building their professional career in the hospitality industry but also gets the platform to test their skills acquired in various hospitality institution.
The family of SG Academy congratulates the participants for their big win in WCC2019.


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