Author: Sanjay

Endeavouring To Create Asian Gastronomy

When our students learn about Asian cuisine, it is combined Asian and Chinese dietary culture with the spirit of artistic creativity. Thus, the training of professional skills, the cultivation of learning competence and professional ethics & aesthetic endowment are considered as the primary focuses of teaching while the curriculum within our college and the teaching

That’s What We Taco-ing About!

Muhammad Fadilah bin Nurhayat Matnor from Kuching joined Kuching Skills College 2 years ago. He took Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) in Food Preparation & Production Level 2. Now he’s working at one of the famous food stalls in Kuching selling tacos, Taco Ragut.Made with lots of taco love to “ragut” your heart, Taco Ragut is

Women Empowerment Through Food Industry

The emergence of women entrepreneurs & their contribution to our state economy is quite visible in Sarawak. The contribution of women and their role in the family as well as in the economic development and social transformation is pivotal.Empowering women particularly rural women in Sarawak is a challenge. Skills training has to done correctly and

Our students stood 2nd & 3rd in the Chocolate Art & Sculpture Competition!

The success of students is our pride!Kuching Skills College’s students won 2nd & 3rd place in Chocolate Art & Sculpture Competition recently held at the Sg. Among Community Hall, in conjunction with Fiesta Satok 3.0.Second place winners were Bennedict Lopez bin Sarpian and Jackry Alvian bin Ling, Kuching Skills College’s SKM Food Preparation & Production

Cake Enthusiast to Pursue their Hobby to Businesses

Cake Decorating Competition Cake decoration competition is an excellent avenue for people to showcase their talents and decoration flair. Cake Decorating Competition was held in conjunction with Fiesta Satok 3.0 at Sg. Maong Community Hall in Kuching. Fiesta Satok 3.0 organized by the Friendly Neighbourhood Committee (KJM) from various areas of Sungai Maong under the

Chinese Fried Rice: Skill Test of Our Talents

The reflection of their attitude towards honing their culinary skill Essentially the cooking technique and style will not change because of steaming, braising and stir-frying form the fundamental of Chinese cooking. However, Chinese cuisine has definitely evolved with a modern twist to keep up with the times.As a rule of thumb, some of the Chinese

Diversity In Food Culture & Future Employment

Food functions as a universal language, illustrating the history & culture of the place it represents while opening minds, raising awareness & encouraging diversity. In our quest to expose our students to a more diverse food culture & also more employment opportunity, Kuching Skills College has signed MoU with the latest food outlet offering authentic

Cooking A Fiery Cuisine!

The art of flambeing! There’s nothing more theatrical than a chef setting your food alight with a burst of flame tableside during dinner. Flambeing provides a dramatic effect – hypnotic flames skipping across meringue or spreading over caramelized bananas in a sweet sauce. This impressive cooking technique imparts a subtle flavor that compliments desserts &

Passo Assaggiare? Mamma Mia! E Delizioso

Pasta is one of the most loved dishes around the world. In Italy, eating a plate of pasta is a daily ritual. Here our group of students prepares the classic Southern Italian cuisine, Spaghetti Prawn with Marinara Sauce. Our students are taught the essentials in order to properly select and cook pasta. They’ll learn how

Swinging Time At Arena Sukan

Our talent in badminton tournament held Arena Sukan. Badminton is one of the favorite sports activities for all Malaysians. Whether it’s in singles or doubles, badminton is a fun & exciting sport to pick up if you’re looking for an activity that can boost your physical, mental & social aspects of health.Organized by SABERKAS Batu