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Sigek Ijazah kat Tangan dan Agik Sikda Kerja?

Segulung Ijazah di Tangan dan Masih Menganggur? Segulung ijazah tergenggam di tangan tidak tentu menjamin pekerjaan dan masa depan yang cerah. Kini, inilah mimpi ngeri setiap pelajar yang mendaftar masuk ke kolej atau universiti. Bayangkan perasaan setiap pelajar jika masalah ini berjaya diatasi? Usahlah bimbang, jaminan pekerjaan diberi untuk setiap pelajar yang menuntut pengajian di

SG Academy Talents Secures 5 Silver Medals in World Chef Championship!

World Chef Championship 2019 Agro-Based Product (WCC2019)World Chef Championship (WCC) is a world-class competition in Malaysia, it is divided into several main categories including pastry, cold display, Chinese dim sun, traditional Malay kuih, hot cooking, and nine other main categories.The three-day competition held in Setar Kedah (Dec 13- 15, 2019) featured 14 major categories including

Valuable Certifaction & Productive Skills Assured!

Skills Development Fund Corporation (Malay: Perbadanan Tabung Pembangunan Kemahiran) commonly known by the acronym PTPK is a Malaysian Statutory Body under the Ministry of Human Resources. It is responsible for providing financial assistance in the form of loans to individuals such as school leavers, graduates & others who are interested in pursuing Malaysian Skills Certification

Our talents Cater For MEDTWEETMY!

Our Culinary Arts program is for students who consider themselves enthusiastic foodies and enjoy pairing new & unique flavors along with food combinations. In this program, our students learn to do multi-task, listening skills & communication proficiency, knowledge, cooking skills, beverages skills fit for the perfect hospitality industry. Recently out students gain authentic food preparation

Skills Training in Fostering Creativity, Knowledge & Leadership

Our trainers with expert skills & knowledge in their specific cuisine guide the students through the great food cultures of the world, including Western, Chinese, Japanese and others. Through the study of world cuisines and their culture, they will acquire high-level practical skills, an intellectual breadth of knowledge and depth of creative strength.World-class cooking is

Strides Towards Women’s Empowerment

Sarawak has made great strides towards achieving women’s empowerment. Women have been increasingly mainstreamed into development processes & by playing a variety of roles at the family, community & society levels, they have been able to contribute to state development & prosperity. Of particular note are the higher levels of educational attainment of women, their

Practical Skills & Breadth of Knowledge

Kitchen training begins with the basics of cooking, such as how to hold a knife, the various knife cuts & fundamental cooking techniques. Our students will learn to think about cooking holistically & refine their individual skills through preparation, cooking, plating & finishing complete dishes. Practical training in groups also provides our students the opportunities

Exploring The Malaysian Food Culture

Malaysian food is a melting pot of various cultures – the Malay, the Chinese, the Indian, the Kadazan & the various Dayak cultures in Sarawak. And this fusion translates to various types of delicious, savory food. Our practical class is extremely interactive & truly hands-on experience. The workstation was set up for each group &

Endeavouring To Create Asian Gastronomy

When our students learn about Asian cuisine, it is combined Asian and Chinese dietary culture with the spirit of artistic creativity. Thus, the training of professional skills, the cultivation of learning competence and professional ethics & aesthetic endowment are considered as the primary focuses of teaching while the curriculum within our college and the teaching