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Passo Assaggiare? Mamma Mia! E Delizioso

Pasta is one of the most loved dishes around the world. In Italy, eating a plate of pasta is a daily ritual. Here our group of students prepares the classic Southern Italian cuisine, Spaghetti Prawn with Marinara Sauce. Our students are taught the essentials in order to properly select and cook pasta. They’ll learn how

Supporting women in food industries

Economic empowerment can play a critical role in improving women’s livelihoods and communities. We believe this project can contribute to our goal of increasing women’s economic autonomy and contributing to the state’s economic growth.Our government recognizes and supports the important contributions made by women in the continued growth of the food sector. Equipping women with


Why our students choose to use stepper motors?It is easy to use to enable more accurate movement in robotics and many precision motion control applications. In Miri Technical College, our students Industrial Automation Engineering Systems Support (Level 4) have learned how to control stepper motors to get fine rotation and perfect angular control which is

Oh Yummy, Chicken Chop! Chop! Chop!

It is exhilarating to consider that people around the world will continue to seek out new destinations, new restaurants, hotels, and cafes. The enjoyment and satisfaction of people experiencing culinary delights everywhere are ultimately, the chef’s greatest motivation and responsibility. The universal enjoyment of food and the happiness of diners is something we constantly consider

Hands-on cooking Malaysian food!

Our College curriculum is designed to give full-time students the very best preparation for a career in the culinary world. Our students will develop the fundamental skills & knowledge required in professional cooking & kitchen management in our fully equipped kitchen.Here our new group of students prepares Nasi Lemak with Fried Peanuts, Anchovies, Sambal &

Anyone For Rolled – Up Chicken?

Getting more than your expectations!Our Skills College curriculum is specifically designed to build strong, relevant skills & knowledge of the culinary arts that go beyond mere fabrication and recipes. Whether that’s no more than a keen interest in the craft, years of cooking or previous attendance at other culinary institutions, our structured, comprehensive curriculum makes

Skills Education Promises Job!

Our graduates become the ideal of inspiration to the youthsTouted as the food capital of East Malaysia, Kuching is one of the places everyone should visit if they consider themselves a foodie person. Being a melting pot of many different cultures & communities, Kuching has a wide variety of great food & also food items

Knife Cutting Skills Are Paramount!

Cutting skills are primary roles of chefThere are so many different knives and types of cutting. They may not use all of them but it’s important that they know how to use the various cutting styles in a cooking environment. Having the right knife skills and knowing – how to create cuts such as brunoise,