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Do you Preserve your Traditional Food Culture?

Sarawak Traditional Ethnic Food Cooking Demonstration In this project, Kuching Skills College together with Pustaka Negeri Sarawak did research and documentation on traditional recipes & cooking techniques. The project included exploration of different Sarawak’s ethnic foods & ingredients, as well as traditional recipes & cooking methods. Pustaka Negeri Sarawak documented the ingredients, method of cooking

Closing Ceremony of Sarawakiana Carnival 2019

Kuching Skills College is honored to be part of Sarawakiana Carnival 2019 where we were given a task to demonstrate and compile important information regarding some of Sarawak’s rare ethnic food. It is an indisputable fact that no society can exist without culture and it is important to know that culture is the way of

Are you ready for SICF 2109?

Practise Session For The Coming SICF2019This year SG KL will be sending four students Joshua Satgunam, Muhamad Irfan, Spencer Anak Giang & Nurliza compete in this year’s Selangor International Culinary Challenge (SICF2019) which will be held from 10 – 13 October 2019 at MITEC Kuala Lumpur.Competitions play a vital role in culinary arts. Participants in

The Journey of a Mechatronic Engineer!

INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION DC MOTORS-CONTROL SYSTEMThe DC control systems commonly used tools and instrumentation, the basic control circuit installation and maintenance of DC motor.In Miri Technical College, our students have learned the typical application for DC motor speed control systems. To improve the practical ability of students, our great trainers will ensure all the students must

Honored To Feature in Rasa Magazine!

Featured in Rasa Magazine!Once again, SG Academy KL’s trainer and trainees appear in Rasa magazine for their creation and dedication to the world of cuisine.This time we came forward with our very own seafood flavor pastry prepared by our trainees and the experienced trainers, Chef Nadzirah, chef Fariburz & chef Syuhada.Rasa Magazine is the No.

Job finding you rather than you searching for it!

Success of our students is our pride!Our two students, Saidatul Asiah Binti Abdullah from Sibu & her best friend, Veronica Caya ak Herry from Kanowit joined Kuching Skills College 2 years ago. Asiah took Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia in Food Preparation & Production Level 2 and Veronica took Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) in F&B Service Operation

Perfectionizing the western cuisine

All They Need To Know About Salmon!To further equip our trainees with knowledge in Western cuisine preparation, our experienced trainer teaches our trainees how to prepare a perfect salmon dish. Salmon is famous for its full vitamins and has an undeniably rich, delicious flavors.Our practical class is designed to enrich kitchen skills & confidence where

Accelerating The Growth Of Women-Owned Business

Women Food Entrepreneurship Program organized by Jabatan Wanita & Keluarga Sarawak (JWKS), conducted by Kuching Skills College.Today the essential role that women play in creating sustainable economic growth in Sarawak is almost internationally recognized. Sarawak’s productivity & competitiveness rise in tandem with the contributions of women entrepreneurs. To harness this formidable force, Jabatan Wanita &